Scottish Arbitration Centre Schedule of Fees

Effective 18 May 2023

1. Application

This Schedule of Fees and Charges of the Scottish Arbitration Centre applies to the determination of disputes in accordance with the Scottish Arbitration Centre Rules 2023 (hereafter referred to as “the Rules”).

2. Filing Fees

Along with the Statement of Claim, the Claimant must pay a filing fee, see Article 6.1 of the Rules. The filing fee is based on the size of the claim in question and will be charged based on claim brackets as follows:

Claim AmountsFiling Fee

The filing fee is non-refundable and does not contribute the Claimant’s share of advance payment for costs. In the event of a joinder or consolidation of additional parties (see Article 21 of the Rules), or if counter claims are raised, an additional filing fee shall be paid for each new claim, new party, or new case

3. Administrative Fees

In addition to the filing fee, the Centre shall also charge administrative fees which shall be calculated as a percentage of the amount in issue on a progressive basis:

Claim AmountsAdministrative Charge
£50,001-£100,000£1,000 + 3.5% above £50,000
£100,001-£500,000£2,750 + 1% above £100,000
£500,001-£1,000,000£6,750 + 0.45% above £500,000
£1,000,001-£2,000,000£9,000 + 0.25% above £1,000,000
£2,000,001-£5,000,000£11,500 + 0.1% above £2,000,000
£5,000,001-£10,000,000£14,500 + 0.08% above £5,000,000
£10,000,001-£40,000,000£18,500 + 0.065% above £10,000,000
£40,000,001-£80,000,000£38,000 + 0.05% above £40,000,000
>£80,000,000£58,000 + 0.04% above £80,000,000

In the event of joinder or consolidation of proceedings, the amount in dispute will be calculated as the sum of all claim values of all arbitrations. If the total claim value of the case cannot be determined, or if the determination would otherwise give rise to doubt, the value shall be set at the discretion of the Centre. Administrative fees have been capped at £60,000

4. Exclusions

The fees and charges do not include costs for room hire, catering or the provision of any other ancillary services such as transcription, translation, printing, bundling or the provision of expert evidence.

5. Discretion to Set or Vary Costs

If the amount in dispute of the case has not been quantified or estimated, the amount in dispute for the purposes of the calculation of costs shall be set at the discretion of the Centre. The Centre may set the administrative fees at a lower or higher rate than those listed in this schedule if the scope of the work or other exceptional circumstances reasonably justifies it.