About the Centre

The Scottish Arbitration Centre, based in Haymarket in Edinburgh

was established in 2011 following the introduction of the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010.

We work to promote arbitration in Scotland, and Scotland to the world as a seat and venue for international arbitration. Since September 2022, the Centre has been able to administer cases under our new arbitration rules with oversight from our Court.

The Centre is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Our premises based in Haymarket in Edinburgh offer modern, centrally located, and affordable facilities for arbitration hearings, mediation, and other dispute resolution methods, and for conferences, events, and meetings.

The Centre also offers an arbitral appointments service in ad hoc cases, where the selection of an arbitrator is made by the Court of the Scottish Arbitration Centre (COSAC), which acts independently from the Board of the Centre. The Centre has a panel of arbitrators, which COSAC will consider when choosing a suitable arbitrator for the dispute.

The Centre is also involved in the provision of training events. This year, following the success of hosting the ICCA Edinburgh Congress in 2022, the Centre has hosted Scotland’s inaugural Edinburgh International Arbitration Festival (ArbFest 2023). The festival brought practitioners and experts to Edinburgh from around the world to to discuss contemporary arbitration topics including the future of arbitration. We are currently organizing ArbFest2024 – please see here for more information.

We actively engage with lawyers and other professionals involved in dispute resolution, attending and speaking at conferences and meetings locally and worldwide. We work with various international arbitration bodies. We also provide Scotland chapters with international arbitration guides. In addition, we work with the UK and Scottish Governments on arbitration-related matters, collaborating with them where possible. The Centre continues to develop and grow and our work is having an impact internationally.

The Centre has built a network of strong ties with the domestic and international arbitration community, and their prospective client bases. We understand that arbitration business is generally on the increase in Scotland, with the Centre’s clauses increasingly being used as the default dispute clause in contracts.

With its distinguished legal tradition, innovative legislation and the Centre, Scotland is well-placed to compete as an attractive and cost-effective venue for arbitration on the global stage. The Centre also has some of the most competitive prices in Europe for the administration of arbitrations under its Rules.