Why join us?

We hope you will join us in our work promoting arbitration in Scotland and Scotland internationally as an arbitration destination. Here’s how you, or your firm, will benefit.

Membership benefits include:

  • Corporate members will appear on our website with their logo and links to four named members as well as having their logo in our newsletter which is currently sent to over 6,000 legal and ADR professionals worldwide
  • Individual members will appear on our website
  • Members receive a 10% discount for our annual training day and other selected events
  • Members receive a 10% discount on room hire at the Centre
  • And much more


The Centre is involved in the provision of training events and holds a training day every autumn. Members of the Centre are entitled to a 10% discount on registration fees for this and other events throughout the year. Our premises on Princes Street in Edinburgh offers modern, centrally located, affordable and flexible facilities for arbitration, mediation and other dispute hearings, and for conferences, events and meetings. Members of the Centre are entitled to a 10% discount on room hire fees.

We would be delighted to have you as a member. The Centre is a long term investment to create a new industry of arbitration in Scotland to support growth and increase business. We believe this will lead to significant benefits for relevant practitioners. We hope you will work with us to achieve that goal. Our developments to date would not have been possible without the help of our members. We hope you will choose to support the Centre as it evolves and, in turn, enjoy the benefits of membership.

How to join us

Please contact Davide D’Aleo with any membership enquiries.

In order to complete membership enrolment, please email Davide with a list of the named individuals (on corporate, AAR or universities memberships), along with associated email addresses and your company logo for inclusion on our website.

Membership Options

Membership fees can be paid directly into the Centre’s bank account, please contact for account details.

  • Annual individual membership – £90
  • Annual individual membership for academics – £60
  • Annual corporate membership (up to four individuals) – £350 including firm logo
  • Annual corporate membership for additional members beyond initial four – £60 each
  • Annual arbitral appointment referees (AARs) membership (up to four individuals) – £200
  • Annual universities membership (up to four named individuals) – £150