International Panel Criteria

Normally, this panel will comprise persons who have demonstrated extensive experience as arbitrators or as judges. Normally, individuals included on the International Panel will be experienced members of the arbitration community who have been appointed as arbitrators in multiple international disputes and have significant knowledge of international arbitration law and practice.

In general, persons who are not Chartered Arbitrators of the CIArb will not be considered for membership of the International Panel.

An arbitrator who wishes to apply for inclusion on the International Panel must:

  1. have issued at least six arbitration awards;
  2. provide a copy of his or her latest curriculum vitae;
  3. provide copies of three sanitised arbitration-related documents, two of which must be awards;
  4. provide two written references;
  5. confirm that they have not been found guilty of misconduct by any court or disciplinary tribunal.

However, eminent persons with substantial relevant experience but who do not otherwise meet the requirements above may be included in the International Panel.

    1. I have never been found guilty by a court or disciplinary tribunal of

    2. I have read and agreed to the Personal Data Privacy Notice.

    3. I authorize SAC, its staff, employees and members of SAC Domestic Panel
    Appointments Committee to assess and utilize all data submitted by me as
    may be required in connection with my application for the panel listing.

    4. I understand that my data will become a part of SAC’s files and may be
    used for all purposes deemed necessary or useful by SAC.

    5. I declare that the information given in support of this application is accurate
    and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation will disqualify my
    application and may lead to revocation of my membership of the SAC
    Domestic Panel of Arbitrators, should I be listed.

    6. I confirm that I am familiar with and will adhere to the SAC Code of Ethical
    Conduct for Arbitrators.

    7. Any information on this form may be made available by SAC to third parties
    for the purposes of panel listing and selection.

    Please check the box below to confirm your agreement to the disclosure of the information contained in the application and your confirmation of its accuracy.